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Design Consultation - up to 2 hours

Professional design advice for your decorating or renovation project.
DIY and Smaller Projects
Possible inclusions:
  • Select paint colours
  • Suggest options for furniture, art and accessories
  • Provide furniture layouts and millwork concepts
  • Recommend lighting style and placement
  • Review architectural plans and provide advice for renovations & new builds
Major Renovations, New Builds, Large Decorating & Design Projects
  • Review scope of work
  • Define design style
  • Idea generation(i.e. layout suggestions, colours and design direction)
  • Establish rough budget and timeline
  • Discuss applicable services, fees and expectations
Regardless of your needs, you will have full access to our professional knowledge and expertise for the duration of the consultation. You can then choose to implement our suggestions on your own or hire us to do it with you.


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